SANMVA RANKMOL LEGENDS is a company formed by former members of the General Staff and Command of the South Africa National Defence Force (SANDF) from various backgrounds and Arms of Service. These Generals integrated the various military forces (statutory and non- statutory) that were prevalent in the country prior to the advent of democratic dispensation. In the light of various opportunities that opened up with a democratic South Africa – the Generals regarded their participation in the national project of integrating these forces for stability and sovereignty – as their patriotic duty. Upon retirement, the Generals formed a commercial entity and titled it RANKMOL LEGENDS – which represents each member’s last name. It being a special purpose vehicle of the South African National Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) hence the name was prefixed with the acronym SANMVA.

SANMVA RANKMOL LEGENDS is inclined with a reservoir of knowledge and expertise that spans over decades which, when computed in the collective –into centuries. These Legends have been in command of thousands of armed men and women – which places them in good stead to run large organisations with very sophisticated, sensitive, life and environment changing variables. Their exposure spans across the length and breadth of the globe as they are well travelled – which is of great value in dealing with organizational and diversity intricacies. The network they have woven in their daily tasks as executive military practitioners is only rivaled by a few, as theirs covers human capital development, technological, scientific, energy and infrastructural spaces. As with their exposure, their network cuts across all countries with their various ideological and religious preferences.