About Us

Black Assegai, a 100% Military Veteran and Black Women Owned Company, was established as a catalyst for the transformation of the South African Defence and Security Industry. Legislative changes encompassed in the Defence Review and the Defence Industry BEE Charter, has mandated the South African Public and Private Defence Industry support by incorporating Military Veterans, Black Owned Companies and new Small and Medium Enterprises into the Defence Economy. Black Assegai was thus born out of the need to give effect to the changing Legislative landscape and act as a platform for co-operation and collaboration between established and emerging Defence Industry participants.

Over the years, South Africa has developed world leading Defence Industry solutions and products. This was driven through many decades of investment into training, development and research, resulting in the creation of some of the worlds most renowned and leading scientists, engineers, technicians and operators in the Defence Sector. Many of these personnel have 20-45 years of experience in the industry and are world leaders and inventors in their respective areas of expertise. As a new entrant into the Defence Industry, Black Assegai aims to harness the existing expertise within a business that is compliant with the latest legislation. The viability and sustainability of Black Assegai is driven through collaborative and co-operative partnerships with the best and most experienced minds in the Defence Industry.

The core objective of Black Assegai is to bring together this wealth of intellectual knowledge and operational experience into a single South African based Centre of Excellence for the benefit of the South African and Global Defence and Security Industry. Black Assegai aims to ensure the transformation, longevity and sustainability of the industry at large. It therefore becomes imperative that we create the new generation of scientists, engineers, technicians and operators for the Defence environment. This will be achieved through a process of skills development, skills enhancement and mentorship.