Joint Venture Capability

Black Assegai regularly participates in relevant joint ventures to provide synergistic capabilities for specific projects, especially for those Projects that need BEE/Military Veteran/Local Partners.

The Company is able to engage and manage specialist consultants and sub-contractors for particular opportunities and tasks as well as assist in successful bid strategy, preparation and submission.


  • Through our partner network supply COTS and MOTS products and systems to the Department of Defence as well as South African Government approved countries requiring non-ITAR solutions.
  • Using South African based Companies, especially Black Owned Companies, to manufacture components, products and systems, including but not limited to Precision engineered products, vessels, weapon systems, etc. This is key to achieving local content requirements, especially for Foreign Contractors.
  • Assist in the industrialization of research technologies
  • Complete demilitarization and disposal of ordnance.
  • Partnering with International Defence Organization to co-manufacture products and systems.

Project Management

Available services encompass the full spectrum of project management and optimisation of South African industry involvement including:

  • Sub-Contractor Identification & Assessment
  • Sub-Contractor Qualification
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Addressing NIP/DIP and Enterprise
    Development obligations
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Tests and Trials
  • Acceptance into Service
  • Through Life Support


Black Assegai enjoys a unique position in the South African defence industry environment and has the demonstrated potential to contribute considerably to the enhancement of clients’ business opportunities by the provision of consultancy services.

Such a contribution is supported by our ability to provide:

  • Strategic Assessments
  • National/Departmental Assessments
  • Defence Major Project Forecasts
  • Future Project Analyses
  • Current Project Analyses/Client Prospects
  • Contractor Assessments

Given application of these services, our primary task is to create the best environment possible for the presentation and selection of our clients’ capabilities and products to key decision makers in both the private and public sector. This activity is underwritten by the Company’s extensive experience and knowledge of South Africa’s Defence policies, procedures and operational requirements.

Due to the extensive experience that lies in our partner network, we have the ability to provide engineering, consultancy, technical and associated services to both Public and Private Sector Clients.

Training: Local and International Markets

Black Assegai has identified an acute lack of knowledge of specific areas related to the Defence industry. This is due in part to there being very little formal training courses to address these specific needs. We propose to introduce multilevel, short course training programs, ranging from introductory to advance levels, inclusive of classroom and/or practical environments. These courses will be delivered through a subsidiary company to be formed, called the South African Institute of Defence Technology, accredited by SASSETA and/or any other internationally recognised body.

Primary areas for course delivery include:

  • Introduction to Explosives and Munitions.
  • Small and Mediums weapons.
  • Land, sea and air armaments and platforms.
  • Military acquisitions, systems engineering, logistics and project management in the Defence environment.
  • Understanding of Military technologies and development.
  • Ordnance disposal theory and practical.
  • Maritime Security.
  • Aviation Security.

These courses are aimed at both Government Defence and Security Departments personnel as well as Private Sector industry participants.

Research: Local & International Markets

  • Mission Analysis, Concepts, Strategy  and Doctrine Development
  • Development of Defence Acquisition Plans for category 1 materiél: “above the line” staff support functions.
  • National Key Points Security Plan:  National Key Point security layout and operations.
  • Ballistic Research: Rocket and missile warhead design.
  • Armour Protection Development: For land  and sea based platforms.
  • Establishment of test ranges and scientific centres for the International market.
  • Deming and disposal of ordnance development plans and programs.
  • Small and medium calibre weapon and munitions development